Sir Keir Starmer will not be a happy Labour leader as I believe that

‘’Scottish’’ Labour – a branch office of London Labour – has inadvertently

let slip a part of London Labour’s plans for the public sector.


The Tories were always considered to be the party of fiscal responsibility and

austerity ensuring that UK Government borrowing was squeezed.

A UK Government Cabinet Office spokesman said ‘’We are committed to efficiency

and have made nearly £8 billion in savings in the last two financial years’’

UK Government borrowing currently stands at £54.4 billion

It should be noted that the Scottish Government has no power to borrow.

Labour on the other hand was always considered to be profligate with public money.

The roles are now reversed with London Labour preaching fiscal responsibility.

With ‘’Scottish’’ Labour raising the spectre of too much expenditure they have signalled

that London Labour will concentrate their efforts on reducing public expenditure.

The questions I would ask London Labour are – How much do you wish to reduce the UK

Government expenditure? Over how many years do you intend to squeeze expenditure?

What methods will you employ to reach the intended target?

What will be the impact on the public sector?

How much will the workforce be reduced by?


‘’Scottish’’ Labour recently raised the issue of the Scottish Government’s credit card spending

over  three years which amounted to £14 million and ‘’Scottish’’ Labour blamed the

Scottish Government.

However, this expenditure was related to the Civil Service, not the Scottish Government.

Humza Yousaf has ordered a review. The Permanent Secretary will review the situation.

This was an example of a ‘’Scottish’’ Labour spin.

In UK Government management which includes central Government, devolved administrations

and eg Local Government there has always been a dichotomy of approach – Civil Servants and eg

Local Government Officers on one side giving guidance and Politicians on the other side.

Politicians are not managers of Civil Servants or Officers.


At the launch of the ‘’Scottish’’ Labour campaign in Rutherglen and Hamilton West seat the

Labour candidate was reported to have claimed that he would go against Sir Keir Starmer in relation

to the two-child benefit cap.

He was also reported to have been opposed to the bedroom tax.

The Labour candidate was also reported to have said that Labour may be unable to get rid of the

bedroom tax when they first come to power if they intend to be ‘’responsible with fiscal policy’’.

‘’We can’t just announce spending commitments before we’ve decided where the money would come from’’

This is clearly another example of a ‘’Scottish’’ Labour spin.

Do you honestly think that Sir Keir Starmer would allow a vote on these matters?..

The Labour candidate would, in my opinion, have to toe the line and do what Sir Keir Starmer tells him to do.


In my view ‘’Scottish’’ Labour has no substance as all they can do is follow what London Labour dictates.

The people of Scotland deserve better – the opportunity to vote for a Government which reflects their views.

The only way Scotland can have its own Government is to vote for Independence.