Messages from Our Members

I joined the SNP because I believe that devolution has massively improved our lives and Independence can only improve things further

J.G.S. Polmont


I became a member after 2014 when all of the promises made to us because it looked as though we would have a Yes vote in the Referendum turned out to be all smoke and mirrors.

M.M.S. Polmont


I believe Scotland should have the right to self determination.

Although I’ve always spoke out and stood up for what I believe is right I’d never wanted to be part of a political party. Watching the abuse of power the conservatives and Labour Party employed during the independence referendum 2014 made me realise the only way to achieve our independence is to join the party that is fighting for it and to get active in the party to bring about change for all the people in Scotland.

The more involved I got in my local branch the more I wanted to do, especially for women. At one point I felt I was the only female member active in my branch, and as branch organiser and women’s officer started to think about how to get more women involved. In my experience you’ve got to get involved and get active to show people it’s possible.

A.M. Laurieston.


Its now 52 years since I joined the SNP and the reasons for joining then are just as valid today, ” Only the Scots should govern the Scots ” if you are governed by another you are a subjected nation

G.F. Polmont


I joined the SNP in 1974 – 48 years ago and I have always believed that self determination and the ability to make our own decisions in the world would preserve and enhance the future welfare of Scotland. What were some of the key driving forces which reinforced my view that Scotland would be better off being an Independent country? Deprivation, emigration, lack of opportunity and the poor management of Scotland’s resources just to name a few.

G.H. Polmont


I joined the SNP because I want an Independent Scotland where policies are driven by grassroots activists, to shape a nation’s governing policies to reflect the needs of the demographics of the people that make Scotland. I remain an active member to push for progress internally and externally to achieve equity in society, and equal representation at all decision-making levels

F.F. Reddingmuirhead.


Being utterly devastated on the morning after the Referendum, I was unsure as to where to turn but I can remember having a “light-bulb” moment and spent hours trying to get through to the SNP website to join.

When my Membership came through, it gave me a great lift, knowing that thousands of others had done the same, to carry the fight forward

I.C. Laurieston.


I have been a lifelong supporter of the SNP and share its vision of Scotland as a left of centre small north western European nation. My role as a public servant of 37 years prevented me from engaging in active politics, so retirement has now given me the opportunity to work for our ultimate goal of Independence. Then Scotland can take its place on a world stage as a forward thinking open compassionate society

R. Maddiston


“Independence for me has never seemed more important. We have the resources our land and sea provides. The talent in the population to make Scotland one of the best places to live in the world. I have great faith in our political leaders to carry us forward to a strong, fair and independent country. We should not have to plead to Westminster for funds. We as a independent nation, I feel will be more than able to manage our own affairs, while engaging with the rest of the world on a level playing field. Democracy is a fluid thing, as nothing stays the same. We as a nation have every right to again go to the polls and pursue an independent nation.

A. Polmont


I joined the SNP because I see the party as the best route to independence, and because the work the party has done in Holyrood has transformed Scotland and given the country a lot of advantages we wouldn’t otherwise have, such as free tuition for undergraduates.

D.M. Redding