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A word from our Convenor

Welcome to the Braes Branch website.

This website is committed to promoting and securing Independence for Scotland.

When we first thought of creating this website, our initial motivation was to create a rebuttal machine for misinformation which continually appears in social media.

However, to try and debunk every piece of misinformation out there would be an impossible task.

Instead, our website will be focused on giving factual information, and historical articles, and tackling myths which are designed to cloud the positive arguments for Independence and to set out truthful, sustainable well-researched arguments supporting the case for Independence.

We would also welcome your views on why Independence is important for you

Thank you,

Gordon Hughes, Convenor

About our Branch

The SNP Braes Branch covers the council wards of Upper and Lower Braes. This website has been created to share information for anyone who is interested in getting involved in our branch or a bit of history or even wants to read the latest news in our journey towards Scottish Independence!

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