Aircraft Carriers

HMS Queen Elizabeth –

Budget: £3bn

Actual cost: £5.9bn

HMS Prince of Wales –

Budget: £3.1bn

Actual cost: £6.2bn


Type 45 Destroyers –

£1.5bn overbudget & 2 years late


Budget: £14.6bn

Actual cost: £18.8bn & 3 1/2 years late


£4bn was spent on Nimrods, which were scrapped before they flew. The MoD then had to spend £2.5bn buying AWACs from the USA.

AJAX Tanks

So far, £3.5bn has been spent, and not a single tank is in use -it is also more than 5 years late.

Test and Protect

An unbelievable £37bn was spent on Test and Protect in England. In Scotland, we got it done with under £90m.


During Covid-19, the Department of Work and Pensions estimated that more than £8bn was lost to scammers and errors.


Budget: £56bn

Actual cost (for a smaller than planned project): £106bn


Around £10bn worth of PPE was found to be unusable. A further £436m was spent on storing it before it could be destroyed.

UK Debt

The Financial Times has accused Rishi Sunak of losing £11bn of tax-payer money because he failed to ensure our debt from rising interest rates.

Liz Truss

The doomed budget set by Liz Truss and her cabinet cost the country a staggering £30bn even though she was the shortest-serving Prime Minister.

What else?

There are loads of other conservative calamities which have cost us millions:

Scrapping burgundy passports – £8.6m

A tagging system which was scrapped before it started – £98m

Hiring ferries after Brexit (the company they paid never had ferries) – £50m

Painting Boris’ Plane – £900,000