Sir Keir Starmer and Rachael Reeves have recently performed another U-turn.

The latest backtracking on what I would describe as the conveyor belt of U-turns

is the commitment to having a wealth tax and an increase to the top rate of income tax.

It is Starmer’s 60th U-turn in three years according to the Conservatives.


Both policies were promised in ‘’Scottish’’ Labour’s 2021 manifesto.

The ‘’Scottish’’ Labour manifesto called for ‘’a fairer taxation system, asking for a little more

from those with the broadest shoulders’’

Scottish Labour also stated ‘’ We will end the unfairness that sees income from wealth taxed

at lower rates than income from work’’

In September 2021 Sir Keir Starmer said:

‘’ Those that earn their income from things other than work, should pay their fair share’’

‘’People who earn their money from property, dividends, stocks, shares capital gains tax,

these should all be looked at as a broader, fairer way of raising taxes’’

In the same month, Reeves was quoted in the Sunday Times as saying ‘’I do think that people

who get their income through wealth should have to pay more’’


Where does this leave ‘’Scottish’’ Labour?

At the moment ‘’Scottish’’ Labour is in direct opposition to London Labour as they now support

a  wealth tax that their London bosses oppose.

How long will it be before ‘’Scottish’’ Labour acknowledges that the wealth tax is no more?


Once again London Labour’s actions demonstrate that ‘’Scottish’’ Labour is merely a branch

office ready to do London Labour’s bidding and to get in line when ordered to do so.

What does this latest U-turn inform us regarding London Labour’s view of Scotland?

I believe that London Labour does not value Scottish voters or Scotland – we don’t matter.

It is my view London Labour is more interested in ensuring that a message of reassurance and

economic competence is given to the red wall seats that were lost in 2019.


Is London Labour trying to pass themselves off as Tory-lite?

It has become more apparent that the more London Labour U-turns are the more indistinguishable

they are becoming from the Tories.


At the next UK Election voters will have a poor choice – vote Tory and get Tory or vote Labour and get Tory!

A vote for either London Labour or the Tories can only result in no change.


At the next UK Election, real change for Scotland can only be offered through the SNP by voting for