Once again Scotland has been shocked to learn that

Sir Keir Starmer and his Shadow Chancellor Rachael Reeves

have made no commitment to abolish the Bedroom Tax


The Bedroom Tax was introduced by –

the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition in April 2013

It is also known as ‘the under-occupancy penalty or spare room subsidy –

The policy applies to social housing tenants who are deemed to have more

Bedrooms than they need’


Research commissioned by the SNP in Westminster –

‘Showed that one in three housing benefit claimants in Scotland were hit

by the policy compared with 16% in England as of February this year.

The House of Commons Library showed that the Scottish Government has

spent £266.1 million in real terms since mitigating the Bedroom Tax from 2019’


In 23/24 the Scottish Government will spend up to £84 million supporting families

by mitigating Westminster’s bedroom tax and their ongoing freeze to

Local Housing Allowance rules


This is a staggering increase from £58 million in 2017.

£6.2 million will be spent to mitigate the Benefit Cap.

Families in Scotland will be £2,500 better off on average per year as a result.


Once again the SNP stands apart from the London-based Tory and Labour Parties

in opposing this cruel policy.

Only through Independence and voting SNP will Scotland see real change.