‘Scottish’ Labour in disarray.

  London rules OK!

‘Scottish’ Labour have recently been firmly put in their place by their London boss – Sir Kier Starmer.

The London boss has ruled out scrapping The Two Child Benefit Cap in an about turn which has shocked Scotland.

It is now clear that the Pro-Brexit Labour Party cannot be distinguished from the Tories.

Since 2017 – when the Cap came into force –imposed by the London-based Tories.

The cap has cost families in Scotland £341.3 million.

It has also been reported that in Scotland, during the 2022/23 financial year a total of 80,936 children live in households

where the two-child cap has reduced benefits.

What does Sir Kier Starmer’s intervention mean for Scottish Labour?

In my opinion ‘Scottish’ Labour are merely a branch office for the London-based Labour Party.

It doesn’t matter what Labour in Scotland says regarding policy they will be overruled by London

Based on this intervention we could assume that the Labour manifesto for the upcoming Westminster election

will not reflect the views of ‘Scottish’ Labour meaning a loss of influence and Vision for future policy decisions.

The manifesto may contain a policy tartan fringe to appease aggrieved members of ‘Scottish’ Labour, but in essence,

the manifesto will be written by Sir Kier Starmer and his shadow cabinet to reflect the politics and issues affecting England.

The SNP in Scotland stands apart from the London-based Labour and Tory parties in opposing this shameful and dreadful policy.

It is apparent that if you want real change a vote for Independence and the SNP is the only way forward.