With Sir Keir Starmer deciding not to make ‘’uncosted spending commitments’’

and agreeing to tight fiscal rules along with his shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves,

in fact, Rachel Reeves was quoted in the Financial Times as stating that everything

would be based on ‘’ the rock of fiscal responsibility’’.

It is my view that the language used means that London Labour is essentially

a prisoner of Tory rhetoric.


In some respects, it can be argued that London Labour by taking this stance have boxed

themselves in and reduced their manoeuvrability?

In this trap of their own making will we see any change?

Sir Keir Starmer has U-turned on many of Labour’s policies giving

credence to the view that the party is focused on appealing to middle England.

The Labour leader has insisted that growing the economy was the ‘’ most important’’ issue.

However, the Brexit Labour Party won’t re-join the single market or the customs union,

in my opinion, making growth more difficult.


What does London Labour’s approach mean for Scotland if London Labour

is the next UK Government?


My future scenario –


In my view, tight fiscal rules can only mean more austerity,

‘’Scottish’’ Labour will increasingly lose any influence it thought it

previously had within the structures of London Labour.

London Labour will view ‘’Scottish’’ Labour as a potential threat to

its right-wing policies as ‘Scottish’’ Labour have portrayed themselves

as a ‘’progressive’’ party.

London Labour will restrict any policies promoted by ‘’Scottish’’ Labour

in that any suggested policies will have to be passed by London Labour management.


London Labour will not scrap –

The Two-Child Benefit Cap including the Rape clause

The Bedroom Tax

UK Internal Market Legislation

The proposed Levelling Up legislation


In fact, London Labour will increasingly be seen as a threat to Scottish Devolution.

With increased austerity, The Scottish Government’s block grant will be gradually

reduced causing greater pressure on Scottish Services.

Over the last decade ‘’Scottish’’ Labour have demanded higher public spending

for departments of devolved government from the Scottish Government to mitigate against

Treasury cuts.

‘’Scottish’’ Labour will increasingly be seen as irrelevant as it cannot continue to demand

that the Scottish Government spends more money on mitigation when London Labour

is reducing resources to the Scottish Government.

Sir Keir Starmer will not change his policy approach which in turn will increase tensions

within ‘’Scottish’’ Labour.

Scotland faces a dismal future under London Labour.


It is now time to vote for Independence and the SNP.