With Sir Keir Starmer – Labour’s London boss -ruling out the scrapping of The

Two- Child Benefit Cap including the ‘rape clause’ the SNP has recently released

information revealing the areas hardest hit by The Two-Child Benefit Cap in Scotland.


‘Glasgow is the worst hit local authority –

3,990 households (54%) in receipt of Universal Credit of Child Tax Credits were not in receipt

of financial support.

Fife – 1,860,  North Lanarkshire  – 1,830, Edinburgh – 1,550, South Lanarkshire – 1,420


Taken as a percentage of households hit –

East Ayrshire comes of worst with three in five households (59%) not receiving support for

at least one child –

Stirling – (58%), Aberdeen City (57%), Midlothian (57%) and West Dunbartonshire (57%)’


If The Two-Child Benefit Cap policy was to be removed – since 2017  about ‘30,000 fewer people

would be in poverty in Scotland, including 20,000 children’


The SNP government has taken more than 90,000 children out of poverty with progressive policies

such as the Best Start Grant and the Scottish Child Payment – which now provides £25 a week to families

of eligible children under 16 years of age.


It is now clear that if The Two-Child Benefit Cap is not opposed by the pro-Labour Brexit Party we can only assume

that this shameful policy will be responsible for pushing more Scottish children into poverty


The Two-Child Benefit Cap can only be abolished by voting for Independence and the SNP.