As a car driver, I recently came across information relating to car insurance

which perturbed me and then sent alarm bells ringing.

Analysis by the House of Commons Library found that

the motor insurance annual inflation rate grew by

‘43.1% in May 2023.

In the same month, the figure was –

2.6% in Germany, 0.4% in France and 0% in Spain.

In two EU countries the annual motor insurance

inflation rate fell in the same month  –

(-0.4%) in Belgium and (-3.6%) in Ireland.

The analysis also found that the UK car insurance inflation rate has

grown since January 2022.’

What analysis can we get from this information?

Small independent countries in the EU such as Belgium and Ireland

have managed to reduce their inflation rate.

They are both independent countries with control over their own affairs.

Eu countries have managed to keep car insurance inflation relatively low.

Also, we can deduce from these figures that Brexit Britain is being hit harder

than our European neighbours – witness the increase in car insurance inflation.

This analysis demonstrates, in my opinion, why it is important for Scotland to

become an independent country within the EU.