I believe Scotland should have the right to self determination.

Although I’ve always spoke out and stood up for what I believe is right I’d never wanted to be part of a political party. Watching the abuse of power the conservatives and Labour Party employed during the independence referendum 2014 made me realise the only way to achieve our independence is to join the party that is fighting for it and to get active in the party to bring about change for all the people in Scotland.

The more involved I got in my local branch the more I wanted to do, especially for women. At one point I felt I was the only female member active in my branch, and as branch organiser and women’s officer started to think about how to get more women involved. In my experience you’ve got to get involved and get active to show people it’s possible. So huge life change as I’m now a SNP local councillor in a 50/50 gender balance SNP administration.